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Wholesale Cigarettes vs. Retail Cigarettes

We live lifestyles of excess. More is more, especially in the U.S., where huge amounts of product translate to truly getting your dollar’s worth. This isn’t true 100 percent of the time, but in the case of wholesale cigarettes, it very well can be.

Cigarettes are notorious for the high amounts of tax on each pack of 20s sold at your local convenience store, so getting cigarettes wholesale means avoiding that trap altogether. It’s perfectly legal—and in this day and age, quite necessary—to find cheaper cigarettes, and online cigarette wholesalers may be the answer.

Cigarette wholesalers require a license to resell their goods. Apart from this, there is virtually no downside—especially on the buyer’s side—in choosing wholesale cigarettes over retail. Wholesale cigarettes for resale are the same exact product as retail cigarettes, only cheaper. Purchasing cigarettes wholesale provides you with more at a cheaper price. You don’t run the risk of running out of cigarettes, especially during those crucial moments when you really need a smoke.

As with all consumer goods, when buying cigarettes, wholesale offers more bang for your buck. This concept is also in play in airport duty-free stores. One carton of wholesale cigarettes will always come out cheaper than if you buy several separate packs.

Ecommerce-wise, sellers also stand to gain a lot from selling their cigarettes wholesale. First off, this makes for easier shipping and handling, and gives customers more value for money—one shipment equals an instant 20 packs of wholesale cigarettes!

Secondly, these stores can put up these wholesale cigarettes for resale and actually turn a profit on them. They purchased the cigarettes wholesale, or in bulk, and can sell them at a minimal markup to customers looking to buy only small amounts. Cigarette wholesalers acquire their product cheaper than market price, and therefore have some wiggle room when offering these wholesale cigarettes for resale to their retail clients. These cigarette wholesalers know, however, that they have to remain competitive online, and still offer these cigarettes, wholesale and retail, at a cheaper price than local neighborhood shops.

The only difference between acquiring wholesale cigarettes from online cigarette wholesalers and buying them retail is that you can get more for less. Wise smokers who are aware of how expensive this habit can be may already frequent such online cigarette wholesalers, who know how to reward their loyal clientele by giving them great customer service.

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