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Buying Cigarettes: is it Worth it?

A lot of smokers nowadays have found several ways to buy cigarettes while circumventing the setbacks of having to buy cigarettes in the first place. These setbacks include excise taxes when you buy cigarettes, looking for hard-to-find brands, and dealing with the social stigma surrounding the vice. For most tobacco lovers, though, having to buy cigarettes is worth it. For them, going out to buy cigarettes and then smoke them is more than a habit—it’s become a lifestyle in itself; a means of bonding with fellow aficionados and embracing the good life. 

Not to say that there aren’t risks when you buy cigarettes. First and foremost, every smoker is aware of the health hazards associated with smoking and having to buy cigarettes, regardless of whether they buy foreign cigarettes or not. They’ve heard all the ads and public health campaigns, but for a certain amount of people, it’s something they really enjoy doing.

Also, when you buy cigarettes from a neighborhood store (versus buying cigarettes online), you have to deal with several things, one of them being that they might not carry your favorite brand. Smokers are quite finicky and some have grown accustomed to a particular brand over the years. Whether you buy foreign cigarettes or go for some local flavor doesn’t matter: it’s literally all a matter of taste.

Another thing you have to contend with is that the state tax on tobacco products may be too steep. The price of cigarettes is something people are painfully aware of, as the rising taxes levied when you buy cigarettes have proven controversial. New York, in particular, which assigns the highest tax rate, has turned a lot of people off of having to buy cigarettes. It’s a good thing for those looking to quit, but if you want to just enjoy your habit, it’s certainly a hassle to continue to buy cigarettes altogether. When you buy cigarettes, you want to know your dollar is purchasing quality product and not just going to taxes. 

The Benefits of Buying Cigarettes Online

Buying cigarettes online has been a highly convenient option for smokers and tobacco buffs, as the internet provides several handy benefits when you buy cigarettes online. Whether you’re looking to buy foreign cigarettes, a carton of those alternative cigarettes, or just some of the classic brands, the internet is one of the best sources. Buy cigarettes online and you forego a lot of drawbacks, such as schlepping down the street. You can also purchase in bulk and have everything shipped to you, which makes buying cigarettes online truly a godsend to shoppers. Whether you buy foreign cigarettes or are a fan of conventional brands doesn’t matter: taxes may also be cheaper via an internet purchase, which gives smokers more incentive to buy cigarettes online.

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